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PostSubject: Rules   Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:24 am

Rule 1: No Spamming; (no posts, that really don't fit topic, or are one word (like ''ok'' or ''?'')

Rule 2: No Profanity or Sexual and/or Illegal Content; (no pornographic advertising)

Rule 3: Ettiquette; (be nice to each other, don't say swear words)

Rule 4: No Multi Account; (have only one account per person, if You forgot password, or something bad happened to Your account, please ask administrator for permission to create new account)

Rule 5: English only; (this is english forum, so speak only english)

Rule 6: Big Signature; (don't have big/animated signatures, 'cuz it can be laggy for other people)

Rule 7: Search first!; (use search, do not write the same like there were written before)

Rule 8: No posts colouring. (do not colour all Your posts (You can colour little piece of it) , 'cuz it is keeped for moderating and post editing)

Rule 9: Click [solved]. (''how to'' tutorial here: here)

The moderators and administrator will leave keep their choise to ban and/or warn that member who don't know/respect rules.

- Simoneon
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